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Public Liability Insurance for Market Stalls

3 Months
(90 days)
$99 $125
6 Months
(180 days)
$160 $200
12  Months
(365 days)
$192 $259
Prices are subject to change.
  •  What is public liability?

    This covers your liability for damage to property or injury to a third party that occurs within your designated market stall or exhibit area. Read more in the Business Insurance Policy Wording.

  •  Jessica’s public liability claim

    Jessica sells clothing at the markets under a gazebo she sets up herself each market day. Unfortunately a large gust of wind picked up the gazebo and landed it on top of a vehicle. Jessica was found to be negligent as she did not secure the pegs correctly. Damages were paid of $2305.00 to repair the body of the vehicle. 

  •  Peter’s public liability claim

    Peter sells fresh juice at the markets and had a small table set up with seating and an umbrella for his customers to sit at. Unfortunately the table was not weighted correctly and the umbrella tipped over and knocked a customer in the head. The customer had extensive medical expenses. These expenses were covered under Peter’s Market Stall Insurance as he did not set up the umbrella correctly and was deemed negligent

  •  What if I’m at a shopping centre?

    This insurance does not provide cover if you are trading at a shopping centre, however we may be able to assist you with a Business Insurance policy. Please call us on 13 22 44.

Do you need Products Liability?

  •  What is products liability?

    This covers your liability for damage to property or injury to a third party as a result of the products that you sell at your market stall. Read the Business Insurance Policy wording for details.

  •  Are my products covered?

    That depends. Some products are excluded, as listed on page 2 of the Policy Endorsement. If you are unsure, please call us on 13 22 44. .

  •  Fiona’s products liability claim

    Fiona has a stall selling various nut-free cakes and muffins at the markets. A customer with a nut allergy purchased a chocolate cake and subsequently experienced an allergic reaction. On inspection it was found that this cake contained almond meal even though Fiona had stated the cake was ‘nut-free’. The customer’s medical expenses were covered under Fiona’s Market Stall Insurance under Products  Liability as she was found to be negligent.

  •  George’s products liability claim

    George sells homemade dips at the markets. George’s best selling dip is his ‘Greek Pitted Olive dip’. A customer purchased this dip and unfortunately chipped a tooth on a pit from an olive even though the dip was advertised as ‘pit-free’. The customer’s dental expenses were covered by George’s Market Stall Insurance under Products Liability. This is because George was found to be negligent as he failed to remove all the olive pits in his dip.

  •  How much does it cost for both
    public & products liability?
    Public and Products Liability
      $10 Million $20 Million
    3 Months
    (90 days)
    $139 $165
    6 Months
    (180 days)
    $210 $280
    12 Months
    (365 days)
    $275 $335
    Prices are subject to change.



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