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Introducing the new AAMI Safe Driver App™

  • FREE for everyone, not just AAMI customers
  • Smartphone app using GPS technology to 
    record and analyse your journeys
  • App measures speed, smoothness, fatigue
    and phone use 
  • The higher the score you achieve,
    the higher the app rates your skills

What we cover

Repairs & replacement

  •  If your car is damaged…

    We’ll guarantee the repairs we authorise for the life of the car – even if you sell it.

    When you bring your car to an assessment centre for repair, we'll organise a complimentary taxi to take you to and from home or work (available in areas covered by our assessment centre network).

  •  If your car is written off…

    We’ll pay you the amount covered.
    If your car is less than 2 years old and you are the first registered owner, we will replace it with a new car.

  •  If your car is stolen…

    We’ll give you a hire car
    for up to 21 days.
    Once your claim is approved,
    we’ll write it off if it’s not recovered within 14 days.

Safe driver rewards


  •  AAMI Safe Driver Rewards®

    The AAMI Safe Driver Rewards program provides rewards and benefits to safe drivers. If you don’t make a claim that impacts your Safe Driver status, we will reward you with a credit on your next year's premium, of up to 15%. As you advance through our program, you will progressively earn more rewards , including a larger discount on AAMI Roadside Assist and even Safe Driver Rewards status protection.

    15% credit for drivers who don't make a claim that impacts their Safe Driver Rewards status for 9 years. Credit is a percentage of the rated premium paid the previous year.

  •  AAMI Safe Driver App™

    We all have an opinion as to how good our driving is, now you can prove who’s the better driver once and for all with the AAMI Safe Driver App™.

    Specifically developed to aid on-road performance it tracks and assesses your driving skills encouraging and rewarding AAMI safe driving behavior.

    The app is available to everyone and free to download, whether you’re an AAMI customer or not. Improve your AAMI safe driving skills, compete with family and friends, earn rewards along the way, get tracking today.

Easier insurance

  •  Complimentary taxi service

    When you bring your car to an assessment centre for repair, we'll organise a complimentary taxi to take you to and from home or work (available in areas covered by our assessment centre network).

  •  We’ll tow your damaged car

    If your car cannot be safely driven after an accident AAMI will pay reasonable costs to have your car towed to the nearest repairer or place of safety.

  •  Speak to a real person 24/7

    Our call centre is open all day, every day. So no matter when you call, you’ll speak to a real AAMI insurance expert. You can also contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

  •  Hassle-free paperless claims

    There's no paperwork associated with AAMI claims. You'll also experience ongoing communication throughout the process.

Optional extras

  •  24/7 Roadside Assistance

    Whether it’s a flat tyre or a breakdown – enjoy the peace of mind of unlimited service calls and emergency repairs anytime you need with AAMI Roadside Assist.

  •  Windscreen and window glass cover

    We cover the cost to repair or replace your damaged windscreen or window glass (including sunroof), with no excess payable on your first claim under this cover each year.

  •  Hire car for unlimited days

    If you have an accident, we’ll cover your hire car fee right up until repairs are completed. 

  •  Free AAMI Skilled Drivers Course

    If you, your children or grandchildren are under the age of 25 and are comprehensively insured with AAMI you are eligible for a free one-day AAMI Skilled Drivers Course, designed to improve driver awareness and competence. You will also get a 10% discount off your AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance upon completion of the course until you turn 25. See the PDS for details.
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