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Many of your general questions can be answered here.

If you have a specific question regarding your own policy, please e-mail AAMI or call us on 13 22 44.



Valet Service+

One of the great benefits of insuring comprehensively with AAMI is that we look after everything for you if your car or motorcycle is damaged. If your vehicle can be safely driven, AAMI Valet Service is the way to go. For further details see valet service or ‘What to do and what happens when...' section of the comprehensive car and comprehensive motorcycle insurance policies.


Driver details+

Learner drivers are covered on your car insurance policy as long as a fully licensed driver is in the car as the instructing passenger in the front seat. No additional premium is required. Age/Inexperienced excess may still apply if the learner driver has an accident.

International drivers are also covered under AAMI car insurance policies as long as they have a valid licence, can legally drive in Australia and otherwise abide by the terms of the insurance policy.



AAMI Safe Driver rewards+

The AAMI Safe Driver Rewards program provides rewards and benefits to safe drivers who comprehensively insure their car with AAMI. When they don’t make a claim that impacts their Safe Driver status, we reward them with a credit on their next year's premium, of up to 15%. Rewards progressively increase as do discounts on AAMI Roadside Assist, with Safe Driver Rewards status protection available for our safest drivers. AAMI Safe Driver Rewards apply to the individual policy and do not reflect the total number of years a customer has been insured with AAMI.

15% credit for drivers who don't make a claim that impacts their Safe Driver Rewards status for 9 years. Credit is a percentage of the rated premium paid the previous year.


Amount Covered+

When you insure your car comprehensively, the amount covered is the amount we agree to insure your car for. It's the most we'll pay for insured loss or damage to your car.

Almost all cars depreciate with age and use, so the amount covered we offer each time we offer to renew your policy will usually be lower than the year before.


AAMI Skilled driver course+

The AAMI Skilled Drivers Course is a free young driver awareness course for drivers under the age of 25 who hold a comprehensive car insurance policy with AAMI or whose parents or grandparents are comprehensively insured with AAMI.

For those who are not insured with AAMI or hold a third party property damage car insurance policy with AAMI, the course is available for a fee.

Once the course is completed the participant will be entitled to a 10% discount off their AAMI comprehensive car insurance premium, each year until they turn 25. See the PDS for details.

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Changing details+

To change details on your policy you can :

Log in to AAMI's online tools - click here for more information

Email AAMI

Alternatively, you can call AAMI on 13 22 44 anytime, 7 days a week


Modifications and accessories+

We do not insure vehicles with custom paint, nitro or hydrogen fuel, roll bar / roll cage / racing harness, petrol turbo or supercharger. Otherwise we cover all legal accessories and modifications that are fitted to your car. As such, there is no longer a requirement to list accessories or modifications on your policy but you need to ensure that the amount covered is enough to cover the value of all  insured accessories and modifications.

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Hire cars+

Our comprehensive car policy provides you with a hire car for up to 21 days if your car is stolen. You can also take up our optional 'Hire car after an event for unlimited days' benefit that provides you with a hire car when your car is off the road due to an insured incident. This benefit can be added to your policy anytime.

Our third party property damage car insurance policy can also be extended to provide a hire car if your car is stolen if you take out the 'Fire and Theft' option.

If we’ve provided the hire car to you following a claim on your AAMI policy, the car, and your legal liability as its driver, will be covered by the terms of your policy and the loss or damage to the hire car will be covered for up to its market value. Read the Product Disclosure Statement for the policy you hold with us to find out what optional hire car cover is available.

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Beginning repair work to your car+

If you damage your car but it can be safely driven, you should phone AAMI before you organise any repairs (as soon as possible) on 13 22 44. Our claims service does it all for you through our assessment centre network.

All you do is drive your car to your nearest assessment centre and leave it with us. We pay for your taxi home or back to work. In areas not covered by an assessment centre , we arrange the repair of your car in consultation with you.

If your car cannot be safely driven, we transport your car to the assessment centre nearest to you. Your car and personal possessions are protected under cover there. In areas not covered by an assessment centre, we arrange the repair of your car in consultation with you.

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During repair work to your car+

If your car has been damaged and can be repaired, our responsibility to you when we authorise repairs, is to ensure that the repair work is properly carried out.

We ordinarily obtain two independent, competitive quotes, from repairers recommended by AAMI. If you want, you can choose a repairer to provide one of the quotes. Our assessor will review the quotes, including any quote from a repairer you choose, and what is necessary to properly repair your car. We will select the repairer who has submitted the more competitive and complete quote and that will be the repairer who repairs your car. We’ll have your car repaired, keeping you informed all the way along.

AAMI is a part of the Suncorp Group, which has entered into joint venture partnerships to create Capital S.M.A.R.T Repairs (SMART) and QPlus Production. Depending on the type of damage, we may authorise one of these quality repairers to repair your car. You can visit the Suncorp Group website for more information about the benefits of these partnerships.

When the repair is complete, we advise you your car is ready for collection. We also offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all repairs that we have authorised.

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At AAMI we will ask you who you’d like to nominate as the policyholder. Ordinarily this will be the person who owns the car and in whose name it is registered. Depending on the policy you are buying, we will ask you certain questions about who will be repeatedly driving the car. The policyholder will receive all documents we send about the policy and it is the policyholder’s responsibility to pay the insurance premium on time.

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AAMI offers a windscreen benefit covering the cost to repair or replace your damaged windscreen or window glass (including sunroof) for an additional premium. The benefit can be added to, or removed from, a policy at any time as long as your car does not have any pre-existing windscreen or window glass damage.

Please note, the windscreen benefit is not available for some policyholders. Call us on 13 22 44 to check if you're eligible.

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Tools of trade+

Tools of trade are not covered by our car insurance policies. You can cover your tools by choosing Portable & Valuables cover as part of AAMI’s Business Insurance.



With AAMI comprehensive car insurance, we pay up to $1,000 for accident damage to your two-wheel trailer which occurs while it is attached to your car. Theft of your attached trailer is also covered.

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International travel/ licences+

Your AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance provides cover for you, and any other permitted driver, when your car is driven in Australia. It doesn't cover your car when it's outside Australia or any driver's legal liability if they drive your car outside of Australia or if they drive any other vehicle, whilst overseas.

AAMI recognises international licences that are accepted by the road traffic authority in your state or territory. If you have both an international and Australian licence, you will need to tell us the year you gained your first licence. We do not differentiate where you obtained your driver’s licence when calculating your Rating on a comprehensive policy.

However, please note that if you have held your licence for less than two years, an inexperienced driver excess will apply, in addition to any other excess that may apply to the claim.

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Write offs+

Sometimes cars are so badly damaged that they would not be either economical, practical or safe to repair. If we believe this is the case, we will declare your car a write-off (also known as a total loss) and pay you the amount covered.

If your car is comprehensively insured with AAMI and we declare it a write off because of damage or theft within the first 2 years of its original registration, provided you are the first registered owner, we will replace it with a new car and pay the on-road costs. For more information read the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy Document.

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Off road driving+

AAMI’s policy will cover your car while it is being driven off-road. However, please note that AAMI anticipates that the driver takes reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the car.

There are a number of restrictions under AAMI’s Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy. You are not covered for the following:

  • If your car was in an un-roadworthy condition
  • If your car was being used in, or being tested in preparation for, a race, contest, trial, test, hill climb or any motor sport;.
  • if your car was being used on a competition race track, competition circuit, competition course or competition arena unless;
    - your car was being driven as part of a driver education course that did not involve speeds in excess of 100km/h or the timing of cars; or
    - you have told us about this use of your car and we have agreed to cover you.
  • Any additional loss or damage to your car as a result of it being driven after an accident unless we are satisfied you were not reasonably aware this could lead to further damage to your car.

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