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Meet Lorraine: AAMI's newest furry friend

If you’ve watched our ads, you’ll know AAMI loves adorable animals. Meet ‘Lorraine’ the fuzzy feline behind our newest campaign who debuts as the neighbourhood car burglar.

The cat behind the lens

Before starring as Lorraine, Rosie was adopted from a shelter when he was just a kitten. He? Yes he! Rosie is actually a male and was named by his owner's youngest daughter. Rosie was brought up on an idyllic farm on the Goulburn River with lots of other four-legged friends, including cows, pigs and dogs – including the horse that was also used in AAMI’s 2017 Spring Racing campaign.

Although ‘Shame Lorraine’ was Rosie’s first stint on TV, the director and producers couldn’t have been more impressed with his efforts on set. This was all thanks to the patience and training from his owner, who is a qualified veterinary nurse, and the presence of Rosie’s best mates; two dogs named Deacon and McDuff! Their training for the shoot lasted six weeks and involved Rosie learning to follow his canine pals through, around and even over the sets!

A real life cat burglar

Everyone knows that cat burglars are real, but did you know these nimble culprits are sometimes actually cats? Cats are renowned for bringing home presents for their owners, but every now and then these presents belong to their neighbours! For example, check out this real-life klepto kitty on YouTube. Although cute, this little cat thief sneaks in through unsecured ground-floor windows – just like real life burglars – and snatches everything she can carry in her paws. Lorraine is no different, bringing her owner everything from fidget spinners to jewellery, prompting neighbours to take out contents insurance. Shame, Lorraine!

AAMI loves animals

If you’re a fan of AAMI’s ads, you would have noticed over the years that we love to feature everyday Aussies and their furry friends. We've worked with a variety of animals over the years to bring our campaigns to life - from llamas to ostriches, swans and ferrets, dogs, seagulls, horses and of course cats! All the while, having lots of fun!

With lots of experience working with animals, we’re committed to animal welfare and ensuring these cute and quirky critters are happy, healthy and always taken care of on set.

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