3 reasons why your car is your best friend


As Aussies adjust to the social restrictions put in place to combat COVID-19, you may find there’s still a reliable constant in your life: your faithful set of wheels.

In fact, owning a car has never been so useful! Here’s why.

1. It’s your trusty steed

Though there might be restrictions on your usual A to B routes, having a reliable way to get around can be useful for many reasons.

  • Travelling (short distances) in isolation.
    • If you were a regular public transport user before the virus, you may find using your car helps you avoid unnecessary contact with strangers. This could be especially useful if you’re unwell and you need to visit a doctor.
  • Emergency supermarket runs.
    • Everyone’s trying to do their best to shop less and stick to the essentials. But what are you meant to do when you’re about to cook dinner and realise you’re missing a key ingredient? With the help of your trusty steed, you can pop down to your local supermarket quickly.
  • Supporting your community.
    • It’s important to support the vulnerable members of your community. If you’ve got elderly relatives or neighbours, you could offer to help them out by collecting and dropping off their grocery shopping. Just be sure to keep your distance come delivery time.

2. It could support your rideshare gig

If you’ve started ridesharing, or it’s something you’re considering, don’t forget about car insurance. AAMI Car Insurance  includes coverage for ridesharing services, as long as you’re the owner of the car, your name is listed on the policy and you tell us that you’re doing it.

3. It can offer you space

If you’re living in close-quarters with your family or flatmates, your car could offer you a little time to yourself. For a moment or two of peace, try meditating or listening to some music. By prioritising your wellbeing, you may find you’re able to better support the members of your household.

Treat it well

Even if you’re not driving long distances, your bestie may still require regular servicing. Follow your car’s servicing schedule (roughly every 6 months or 10,000 km – whichever comes first) to avoid damage to its engine or voiding its warranty. This way, you’re less likely need an unexpected and potentially expensive trip to the mechanic.

Another way to care for your vehicle is ensuring you have car insurance. AAMI has two levels of cover, from Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance, which offers you coverage for your liability if you damage someone else’s car or property, to Comprehensive Car Insurance – our most extensive cover, including coverage for your car and a range of additional covers.

We make it easy for you to choose the level of coverage right for you.

Compare AAMI Car Insurance

Remember, if you’re an AAMI customer and you’re experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19, let us know as soon as you can. We’re here to support you.

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