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7 parenting fails to make you laugh


Being a parent is a tough job – if you’re like most parents, you probably second-guess your decisions everyday. Are you too strict or too lenient? Are you doing a good job? Fortunately, there are plenty of parents out there who are willing to share their parenting fails to make us all feel a little better. Take a deep breath and laugh– even just for a minute. #epicparentingfails

1. When you take too long to get her lunch...

“I turned my back for just a minute and found my daughter helping herself to dry Weet-bix for lunch. Apparently she was hungry.” - Sarah

2. When you can’t remember how old your kid is...

“I went to all the trouble of making a beautiful number seven cake for my son’s birthday when I realised he was only turning six.” – Rachel

3. When your daughter finds your new makeup…

“I had just bought myself some lovely new makeup, only to find my daughter was quite fond of it too.” – Emily

4. When you can’t cook…and everybody knows.

“Just when I thought my bad cooking was a family secret, my son decided to share it on his Mother’s Day poster at school.”  – Jillian

5. When you overestimate your baking talents…

“For my son’s third birthday I thought I’d make him the Woman’s Weekly shark cake. It didn’t quite turn out how I imagined.”– Lulu

6. When you care more about the cute-factor…

“Apparently my desire for a cute dress up photo was more important than my children’s happiness.” – Lucinda

7. When you like bubbles in the bath too much

“Lesson learned: spa baths and bubbles don’t mix. It took days for the bubbles to go down the drain. Fortunately, the kids were very clean." – Mel

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