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How to pack your car safely


Long weekends are a great time to getaway. If you decide to take a road trip, here’s how to pack your car to ensure you arrive at your destination safely.

As any dedicated car packer will tell you, there is an art form to getting everything you need for a holiday into the car. From boogie boards to fishing rods to strollers and bikes, packing the car for a family road trip can be as challenging as keeping the kids entertained on the road. But rather than throwing it all in and hoping for the best, follow these five tips to ensure your car is packed safely and securely.

  1. Place heavy stuff first
    If you’re taking golf clubs, strollers or heavy bags, pack them in first and try to distribute the weight evenly across the boot of your car. Then, pack lighter things around them.
  2. Tie everything down
    If your boot is open to the rest of the car (as with many 4WDs or hatch backs), make sure you’re not leaving any items loose that might fly through the car if you stop suddenly or have an accident. Most newer vehicles will have a luggage cover or tie-down points for this reason. 
  3. Make sure you can see
    Once you pile in pillows, luggage, beach toys and more, the mound of stuff at the back of the car can creep above the rear window. This means the driver’s vision will be compromised, which isn’t safe. Keep it low so that it doesn’t go higher than the back seats. This will ensure the driver can see out all windows easily. 
  4. Secure it properly
    If you’re doing any rooftop loading, make sure it’s tied down securely and safely. You may want to think of investing in a cargo pod and have it installed correctly. These types of luggage pods are a great way to extend the storage capacity of your car. Just be sure to read your car’s manual to see what it’s capable of carrying. Remember, carrying items on the roof will increase the height of the car, which you’ll need to consider when entering car parks, garages or going through tunnels. 
  5. Don’t over load
    Driving with a fully packed vehicle will affect the maneuverability of the car. And if the weight of the luggage is unevenly distributed it will topple more easily, especially when turning corners. Don’t over pack your car and drive carefully when you are carrying a full load.

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