Repair Guarantees & Responsibilities

AAMI provides its customers with a Lifetime Guarantee on the quality of the workmanship and the materials authorised by AAMI in the repair of their vehicle. Your responsibilities, and ours, under AAMI's Lifetime Guarantee are outlined below.

Repairer's Responsibility

In carrying out repairs for AAMI you are required to acknowledge your legal responsibility to repair customers' vehicles in a proper and workmanlike manner. In order to do this you are required to:

a. provide a warranty in respect of your workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of repair unless you offer a longer warranty period, and

b. provide a warranty for parts and paint to the extent of the manufacturer or supplier warranty, except where the fault arises from faulty workmanship in which case the 3 year warranty for workmanship will apply.

AAMI's Responsibility

AAMI accepts responsibility under its Lifetime Guarantee for all reworks other than those that are your responsibility, as described above.

AAMI will also be responsible for reworks where we have directed the use of a repair method or part that differs from that recommended by you, and where you have indicated you dispute the repair method chosen. Under these circumstances AAMI is required to provide you with written confirmation accepting responsibility for the directed repair method or part used.

AAMI agrees to pay for the direct loss or liability incurred by you as a result of a quality, structural, presentation or safety defect caused by complying with such a requirement. You must immediately notify AAMI should a claim be made against you. However, AAMI will not be liable to pay any loss or liability incurred by you to the extent that the loss or liability arises from faulty workmanship.

AAMI will also be responsible for all reworks resulting from sub-let repairs where AAMI has directed the sub-let provider to be used.

Disputes Over Responsibility For Rework

Should you dispute liability for a rework for which AAMI considers you responsible you, should in the first instance raise this matter with the local Assessing Supervisor or AAMI Manager. Should you be unable to successfully resolve the issue, please refer to Dispute Resolution for Repairers.

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