AAMI Home Assist


AAMI Home Assist

Sometimes, when an emergency happens you need a helping hand to assist. This is where AAMI's optional Home Assist can provide help to customers who have an AAMI Home Building Insurance policy.

What’s covered

AAMI Home Assist is our optional emergency assistance service that provides you with 3 emergency call-outs per year when you need urgent assistance from a plumber, electrician, locksmith or carpenter. AAMI Home Assist is available 24 hours after you’ve added it to your policy (for an additional premium).

A home emergency is a sudden and unforeseen incident that occurs to your home (but not your contents) that requires the urgent attention of one of the tradespersons listed above.

So, if you come home to something unexpected like a leaking pipe or blown fuse, AAMI Home Assist can help get it sorted ASAP.

If you have a home emergency at your insured address and you’ve added AAMI Home Assist to your policy at least 24 hours prior, we’ll dispatch a selected trade service to your insured address for a period of up to two hours to provide assistance.

What’s not covered

AAMI Home Assist is not a general maintenance or preventative service (for example, it does not cover painting or replacing light bulbs), or a disaster response service.

You will also not be covered if an emergency occurs outside the boundaries of your insured address. Learn more about this optional cover and any other exclusions within the Product Disclosure Statement and the AAMI Home Assist Terms and Conditions.