Building items

We cover the building that you own or are responsible for and use primarily for domestic purposes and described as 'The building' on your certificate of insurance. Like any insurance policy, there are always some things we don't cover.

This is a summary only. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full details.

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Coverage options

Accidental breakage of glass (building)

Boat jetties, pontoons, and mooring poles

Damage from physical injury or incident

Decks, pergolas, pagodas, verandas and balconies

Electrical appliances permanently housed, connected or wired to the building

Exploratory costs where the leak is not covered under insured event ‘Escape of liquid’


Fixed swimming pools and spas

Floating wooden floors

Garages, carports and outbuildings

Garden borders, sealed pathways and paved or concreted floor areas

Gas appliances permanently plumbed to a gas supply

Granny flats and sheds

Lino installed, whether permanently attached or not

Motor burnout

Other repair/rebuilding costs

Outdoor walls, gates and retaining walls

Permanently attached fixtures including wall, ceiling and floor coverings

Permanently fixed outdoor items

Removal of debris

Sealed driveways and sealed roads


Storage tanks

Temporary accommodation

Tennis courts and other sporting surfaces

Uninstalled building fittings, fixtures and materials