Accidental breakage of glass (building)


Accidents happen all the time – including in and around the home. For example, if you pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate and the cork accidentally blasts right through the fixed glass in your home – like a window. So it’s nice to know that if the fixed glass in your building accidentally breaks, AAMI Home Building Insurance can help.

Know that this is considered an additional cover and a claim for this can be made independently of a claim for loss or damage to the building.

We explain further about this coverage below.

What's covered

We’ll cover accidental breakage of glass in things like fixed glass in windows, doors, skylights, shower-bath combos, toilets, basins, baths and the glass that forms part of a fixed cooking or heating appliance. However, know that we will not pay to replace the entire appliance or the whole cooktop or cooking surface.

We will also cover the frame of any window, door or shower screen, but only if this is necessary to enable the glass to be replaced.

The most we will pay are the reasonable and necessary costs of repairing or replacing the broken glass. This limit is paid within the building sum insured.

What’s not covered

There are some instances where you will not be covered. Such as, if the breakage does not extend through the entire thickness of the damaged item (e.g. chips or scratches). We do not cover glass in a glasshouse, greenhouse or conservatory, ceramic tiles or shower bases. Loss or damage caused by the broken item or the cost to remove broken glass from carpets or other parts of the building is also not covered.

You can learn more about this coverage and other exclusions in the Product Disclosure Statement.