Exploratory costs where the leak is not covered under insured event ‘Escape of liquid’


To get to the source of an issue, a bit of exploring may be necessary. Here is more information on this additional cover under AAMI Home Building Insurance if the leak at the insured address is not covered under insured event ‘Escape of liquid’.

What's covered

We’ll cover the reasonable and necessary costs to locate the source of the liquid escaping or overflowing at the insured address. This includes the repair and restoration of any damage to the building caused by the exploratory work.

Know that the most we will pay for any one incident is $1,000. And, no excess applies if you make a claim under this additional cover.

A claim under this cover can be made independently of a claim for loss or damage to the building. Keep in mind that if as a result of the exploratory work, the escape of liquid is determined to be covered under the insured event ‘Escape of liquid’ the exploratory costs will be paid under that event and not under this additional cover.

What’s not covered

We do not cover further exploratory costs if the source of the leak can be located without invasive work – like, for example, if a thermal camera is used. We also do not cover loss or damage caused by flood if you do not have cover for insured event ‘Flood’.

You can learn more about this coverage and other exclusions in the Product Disclosure Statement.