Garages, carports and outbuildings


Whether used to store your car, act as a bit of storage space, or even a workshop for your at-home DIY projects, a garage – or carport/outbuilding – can be a welcome addition to any home. Here is more information about the cover for garages and carports/outbuildings under AAMI Home Building Insurance cover if an insured event occurs.

What's covered

We cover garages, carports, outbuildings and any structural improvements on land at the insured address.

What’s not covered

There are some instances where you will not be covered. Such as, if the loss or damage is the result of an uninsured event. Also, we do not cover outbuildings with their own utility metering that is occupied, or could be occupied, as a residence.

You can learn more about this coverage and other exclusions in the Product Disclosure Statement.