Temporary accommodation


Sometimes, you may be unable to live in your home for an extended period of time due to loss or damage caused by an insured event while your home is being repaired or rebuilt. This is why knowing what coverage there is for temporary accommodation under AAMI Home Building Insurance can be an important bit of information.

What's covered

When you’re covered for loss or damage to the building but cannot live in the building, we’ll pay for your reasonable and necessary temporary accommodation costs for the time it takes to repair or rebuild the building so that it can lived in again for up to 4 weeks in short term temporary accommodation agreed to by us (e.g. standard rates for a hotel, motel or serviced apartment).

Then, if it is reasonable and necessary, we will cover up to another 48 weeks in residential accommodation of a similar standard to the building.

We also cover some associated costs if they are reasonable and necessary, for example mail redirection and utility connection costs. You can learn more about the extent of this coverage and limits that apply in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Just know that the most we will pay for any one incident is up to 10% of the building sum insured, unless your certificate of insurance shows that you have Complete Replacement Cover® option in which case we pay the reasonable and necessary costs. 

What’s not covered

There are some instances where you will not be covered. Such as, we do not cover temporary accommodation costs if you do not intend to repair or rebuild the building, if the building was not your principal place of residence, or if you had planned to demolish the building before the loss or damage occurred.

You can learn more about this coverage and other exclusions in the PDS.