Accidental breakage of glass - contents


Accidents happen every day – including in the home to your contents. Simple things, like a stray ball smashing the mirror hung in your hallway. So, it’s nice to know that if this happens, the accidental damage to your unfixed (removable) hung mirror will be covered by AAMI Home Contents Insurance.

What’s covered

We'll cover accidental breakage of fitted glass in furniture and unfixed hung mirrors that happens during the period of insurance.

Coverage also applies to accidental breakage of glass for certain building items when you are legally responsible as a tenant under a lease.

Know the most we will pay are the reasonable and necessary costs of repairing or replacing the broken glass. The applicable contents sum insured limits apply.

What’s not covered

We do not cover loss or damage to specific items, like, drinking glasses and any glass or crystal items normally carried by hand, any handheld mirrors, or glass that is part of a vase, decanter, jug, fishbowl, ornament or light globe.

You can read about the other instances where your policy will not cover accidental breakage of glass – contents in the Product Disclosure Statement.