Accidental damage at home


Accidental damage at home (contents)

Accidents can happen every day - including in the home to your contents. Like tripping on the rug and spilling your coffee onto that nice new sofa of yours. So, it's nice to know that if this happens, the accidental damage will be covered if you have the optional 'Accidental damage at home' extra cover for your contents.

What’s covered

When you have AAMI Home Contents Insurance cover, you can purchase ‘Accidental damage at home’ extra cover for your contents. This provides cover for your contents for accidental loss or accidental damage – such as accidentally breaking or damaging something – at the insured address during the period of insurance.

What’s not covered

There are instances where you will not be covered under this optional cover, including when you cannot establish that an incident covered by your policy took place at a certain time and date.

You can read about the other instances where your policy will not cover accidental loss or accidental damage to your contents in the Product Disclosure Statement.