Carpets and rugs


The perfect item to bring a room together and bring some warmth, a carpet or a rug is a welcome addition to any home. It’s helpful to know when they are and aren’t covered for loss or damage under AAMI’s Home Contents Insurance cover.

What’s covered

Loss or damage to carpets and rugs due to insured events are covered under AAMI’s Home Contents Insurance policy. Carpets and rugs are not covered under the Home Building cover, as they are not considered a permanently attached feature to the insured address.

Also, know that for carpets and rugs that are hand-woven the most we will pay for any one incident is $2,000. If you find that the above limits are not high enough to cover those hand woven or hand knotted carpets or rugs, you can choose to increase the limit (an additional premium may apply).

What’s not covered

You will not be covered in some instances – like if the carpets or rugs experience wear and tear or deterioration. You can find more information on this cover and others in the Product Disclosure Statement.