Extra cover for specified items


Extra Cover Portable Valuables - specified items

If you have specific personal items you would like covered for a specific sum, this optional cover may be for you. For an extra premium, you may be covered for accidental loss or damage. Learn more about this below.

What’s covered

This cover is for specific valuable belongings that are normally carried with you away from the insured address, such as mobile phones, engagement rings and laptops. You can add this cover to your policy for an extra premium. You can see the list of items we can insure under this cover in the Product Disclosure Statement.

The most we will pay you for a claim covered under your policy, is the amount the item is covered for (chosen by you) as shown on your certificate of insurance.

You must give us the full description for each item you want us to insure. If you have this optional cover, the items covered are those individually listed on your certificate of insurance.

What’s not covered

There are a few circumstances and situations where you will not be covered under 'Extra Cover Portable valuable – specified items’, such as any of the specified items are used primarily for business purposes. For the exclusions that apply, see the Product Disclosure Statement.