Food and medication spoilage


If the fridge malfunctions and your food and medications spoil, then you may receive cover for their loss. Learn more about what coverage you could receive with AAMI Home Contents Insurance regarding instances of food and medication spoilage.

What’s covered

We’ll cover spoilage of refrigerated food, frozen food and refrigerated medicines at the insured address caused by an insured event like the sudden escape of refrigerant fumes, electrical or electronic breakdown, failure or malfunction, or public electricity supply failing to reach the insured address.

You can lodge a claim for food and medication spoilage independently of a claim for loss or damage to your contents. If you make a claim under this additional cover no excess applies. But, the most we will pay for any one incident is $400.

What’s not covered

We do not cover loss or damage arising from or caused by industrial action, an accidental act or omission of a power supply authority unless the action is in the interest of public safety. You can find out more about this cover and any other exclusions in the Product Disclosure Statement.