General contents


There are certain items around the home that may not necessarily mean much to you sentimentally, but still have a value. Learn more about the instances where they may be covered for loss or damage with AAMI Home Contents Insurance.

What’s covered

We cover your general contents, but some contents have no per item limit (other than the total contents sum insured). For example these include furniture, electrical appliances (fridge, TV), carpets, clothes and manchester.

For more valuable contents items, we may ask for evidence to substantiate your claim. For claims that include an item valued over $3000, we will ask for proof of purchase, a professional valuation, and a photograph as a minimum.

What’s not covered

There are some instances where you will not be covered. For example, we do not cover anything that is considered part of the building. You can learn more about this or any other exclusions in the Product Disclosure Statement.