Medical equipment and aids


If you need certain items to help you in your day-to-day life, you’ll want to ensure they are insured. Here are instances where your medical equipment and aids may or may not be covered for loss or damage under AAMI’s Home Contents Insurance cover.

What’s covered

We cover medical equipment and aids under our contents cover. Coverage for these items away from the home can be obtained through optional covers, which you can learn more about in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Know that for claims that include an item valued over $3000, we will ask for proof of purchase, a professional valuation, and a photograph as a minimum.

What’s not covered

There are instances where you will not be covered. This includes any medical equipment, item or aid which is designed to be either wholly or partially within the body, either permanently or temporarily. By ‘within the body’ we mean medical equipment, items or aids which require a specific incision to be made in the body to enable them to be implanted but we will cover hearing aids. You can learn more about this coverage and any other exclusions in the PDS.