Motor burnout (contents)


With most things around your home, when they’re working, you probably don’t notice them. But when they aren’t, they can have quite an impact. Motor burnout is high on the list. That’s why knowing if and when you’re covered for motor burnout (contents) is essential.

What’s excellent about motor burnout (contents) is that you can lodge a claim independently of a claim for loss or damage to your contents.

We'll cover the reasonable costs to repair or replace the electric motor or compressor containing the motor, which are part of the contents. The limit is paid in addition to the contents sum insured.

What’s covered

The burning out or fusing of any electric motors in household equipment or appliances which are part of your contents, where that motor is less than 7 years old.

Coverage includes the reasonable cost to repair or replace:

  • the electric motor or compressor containing the motor;
  • an entire sealed unit, filter, dryer and re-gassing if the electric motor is inside a sealed refrigeration or air conditioning unit;
  • a swimming pool water pump, combined with its electric motor, if the replacement pump motor cannot be bought on its own.

We will engage a member of our supplier network to review your quote and/or inspect the motor. This way, they can determine if it can be repaired or replaced at a reasonable cost. Learn more about repair or replacement in the Product Disclosure Statement.

What’s not covered

There are some instances where you will not be covered. These include the following:

  • the cost of extracting or reinstalling a submersible pump;
  • any amount you can recover under a manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty;
  • loss or damage to motors forming part of equipment or appliances used in conjunction with your trade, business activity or occupation.

You can learn more about this coverage and other exclusions in the Product Disclosure Statement.