Storage of undamaged contents


Learn about instances when storage of undamaged contents is covered for loss or damage as the result of an insured event under AAMI’s Home Contents Insurance cover.

What’s covered

If you are covered for loss or damage to your contents and the undamaged contents cannot be kept at the insured address, we will also cover the reasonable cost of transporting the undamaged contents to the temporary place of storage and storing them until they can be kept at the insured address again. The most we will pay for any one incident is up to 10% of the contents sum insured.

We will also pay for any loss or damage to the undamaged contents caused by an insured event while they are at the place of storage, up to the contents sum insured, less any amount paid for loss or damage to your contents as part of the original claim.

What’s not covered

There are some instances where you will not be covered.  Such as the fact that we do not cover storage costs if your temporary accommodation is the place of storage; once the contents can be returned to the insured address; or, storage costs outside of Australia. There are other exclusions to this policy, which you can read about in the Product Disclosure Statement.