Building, unit or contents not in good condition


What's not covered

Loss, damage or liability arising from or in connection with any part of the building, unit or contents not being in good condition. This includes but is not limited to things such as blocked gutters, boarded up or broken windows, roof areas rusted through, etc. – please see the PDS for further examples.

Further, it is your responsibility under both the AAMI Home Building and Home Contents Insurance policies to:

  • keep the building structurally sound, watertight, secure and well maintained.
    • for example, remove mould, fix any holes in floors, walls, ceilings, and fix loose, missing or rusted steps, gutters, flooring; and
  • ensure the building or unit and contents are kept in good condition.
    • for example, there are no blocked gutters, the roof is not rusted, the building is not infested with vermin and there is no termite damage.

If you are a tenant, concerning your ‘building or unit’, this exclusion applies to the extent you are required to maintain the building or unit under your tenancy rental agreement.

The above is just a brief example of your responsibilities under the policy and where coverage will not be included. You can read about your obligations and see more examples in the Product Disclosure Statement.