Damage by an animal

Damage by an animal


All over Australia, there is a wide variety of creatures, both great and small. Unfortunately, there are instances where these cheeky critters become accidentally trapped inside your home and run amok, and cause damage. Here’s more information about when you may be covered with AAMI Home Building and/or Contents Insurance.

What’s covered

You are covered if your building or contents suffer loss or damage that’s caused by an animal accidentally trapped inside the home.

What’s not covered

There are instances when you are not covered if the damage or loss is caused by:

  • Any animal owned by you or that you are responsible for;
  • An animal allowed onto the insured address by you or anyone living at the insured address;
  • Insects, vermin, or rodents.

If you would like to learn more about this coverage or the other insured events, then you can find this in the Product Disclosure Statement.