Defects, faults, or workmanship


What's not covered

For AAMI Home Building and Home Contents Insurance, there is an exclusion for loss or damage, or liability caused by, connected with or arising from inherent defects, faulty design, structural defects, structural fault or faulty/poor workmanship, if you knew or should have reasonably known about it.

In addition, for AAMI Home Building Insurance, there is an exclusion for any loss or damage to the part of the building with an inherent defect, faulty design, structural defect or faulty/poor workmanship, whether or not you knew or should reasonably have known about it.

Please see the relevant PDS for some examples of the above, which are excluded.

You can find more details about ‘How we deal with defects, faults and poor workmanship’ as part of the repair or rebuilding process in the Product Disclosure Statement.