Earthquake and tsunami

Earthquake and tsunami


A terrifying prospect for most of us, earthquakes and tsunamis are no laughing matter. You can be prepared with adequate insurance to safeguard yourself from loss of damage to your home and contents that’s caused by an earthquake or tsunami. Here’s a summary of cover under AAMI Home Building and/or Contents Insurance following loss or damage from an earthquake and tsunami.

What’s covered

Loss or damage to your building or contents caused by an earthquake or tsunami. Bear in mind that tsunamis are caused by earthquakes and/or other disturbances and are therefore not classified as “actions or movements of the sea.

Note that we do not insure you for tsunamis in the first 72 hours of a new policy. Very limited exceptions apply. You can find more information on what is covered in the Product Disclosure Statement.

What’s not covered

There are instances where you are not covered under this insured event, such as if the loss or damage is caused by:

  • Flood
  • Actions or movements of the sea;
  • Storm surge;
  • Erosion, vibration, subsidence, landslip, landslide, mudslide, collapse, shrinkage or any other earth movement, but we will cover damage to your building and/or contents caused by a landslide or subsidence proved to have occurred within 72 hours of, and directly because of, an earthquake or tsunami and not because of erosion, structural fault or design fault.

We do not cover loss or damage that occurs more than 72 hours after an earthquake or tsunami.

You can find more information on this and other events where you may or may not be covered for loss or damage within the Product Disclosure Statement.