Escape of Liquid

Escape of Liquid


Extremely unwelcomed and not to mention frustrating, the escape of liquid has the potential to cause significant damage to your home and contents. Thankfully, AAMI Home Building and Home Contents Insurance can cover loss caused by certain escapes of liquid.

What’s covered

We cover loss or damage to your building or contents caused by liquid leaking, overflowing or bursting from the specific things listed in the Product Disclosure Statement. This includes some appliances, fixed pipes, swimming pools, and waterbeds. You can see an in-depth list of what's covered in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Even better, if you have AAMI Home Building insurance specifically, we will also pay the reasonable cost of locating – at the insured address – the source of the escaped liquid. If there is any damage to the building caused by this exploration, then we will cover the reasonable costs to repair and restore the damage caused by the exploratory work but only if the escape of liquid is covered. There are exclusions to this, so check out the Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

What’s not covered

There are instances where you are not covered, such as we don’t cover loss or damage to your building or contents caused by wear, tear, rust or mould. We don’t cover loss or damage caused by a leaking shower floor or base or leaking shower cubicle walls. We also don’t cover the item from which the liquid has escaped.

So, for example, if your flooring is damaged by a leak from a dishwasher, we will replace the damaged flooring, but we will not repair or replace your dishwasher.

For a full list of exclusions, you can find more information on what isn’t covered under the policy in the Product Disclosure Statement.