Fire (including Bushfire)


Fire (including bushfire) means burning with flames. This is how we determine and categorise it as an incident under AAMI Home Building and/or Contents Insurance should you experience any damage or loss to your building or contents caused by fire (including bushfire).

What’s covered

If your building or contents are lost or damaged due to fire (including bushfire), or any heat, ash, soot and smoke directly resulting from a fire within 100 metres of the insured address, you can lodge a claim for them.

In the event of a bushfire in your area, we also cover some extra costs such as the cost of replacing water in any tank, container, pool, spa and any other storage vessel where the water has been used to limit the spread of bushfire at the insured address; or become contaminated due to the use of fire retardant at the insured address. If your claim is for these extra costs only, no excess applies. The most we will pay under ‘Extra costs cover in the event of bushfire’ is $1,000 for any one incident.

Note that we do not insure you for bushfire in the first 72 hours of a new policy. Very limited exceptions apply. You can find more information on what is covered in the Product Disclosure Statement.

What’s not covered

There are instances where you are not covered, such as where the loss or damage arises from arcing, scorching, melting or cigarette burns unless a fire spreads from the initial burn spot (e.g. cigarette burns to the carpet where no fire has spread). You can see the instances where you might not have cover in the Product Disclosure Statement.