Riot, civil commotion, or public disturbance


We’ve all seen footage on the news of rioters destroying property and undoubtedly you felt your stomach churn. Here is more information on when you will and will not be covered for loss or damage to your building and contents caused by riot, civil commotion, or public disturbance under AAMI Home Building and/or Contents Insurance.

What’s covered

If loss or damage to your building or contents is caused by riot, civil commotion or public disturbance, you can lodge a claim. An example of this would be if the loss or damage was caused by a violent crowd moving down your street.

What’s not covered

There are instances where you will not be covered. These are when the loss or damage is caused:

  • by you or someone who lives at the insured address;
  • by someone who entered the insured address:
    • with your consent;
    • with the consent of someone who had your authority to allow them to access to the insured address.

You can find more information on this and other policy coverage in the Product Disclosure Statement.