We’re all familiar with our homeland’s wild weather, in particular storms. When a storm hits in Australia, it can hit hard. So, it may help bring you peace of mind knowing you're covered for loss or damage from certain storm events when you take out an AAMI Home Building and/or Contents Insurance policy. A storm is a single weather event being, a cyclone or severe atmospheric disturbance. It can be accompanied by strong winds, rain, lightning, hail, snow or dust.

What’s covered

Loss or damage to your building and/or contents caused by a storm.

We do not insure you for storms in the first 72 hours of a new policy. Very limited exceptions apply.

What’s not covered

There are instances where you are not covered, such as damage caused by storm to any part of building that is not fully built or is undergoing extensions, alterations or renovations. There are also specific structures that we don't cover, like retaining walls, garden borders, free-standing outdoor walls or a sporting surface or court like a tennis court under AAMI Home Building insurance.

You can find more information on this and other exclusions that may apply in the Product Disclosure Statement.