How to prepare your home for storms


If you’re in a storm-prone area, it might be time to secure the fort and get your defences ready. Prep your home before and during storm season to minimise damage and keep the harsh winds at bay. Print your storm plan and let it guide you like a battle manual. And don’t forget to cover your home for this season’s unpredictabilities!

Clean gutters, downpipes and drains

This storm season, suburban Australia is full of hidden enemies. Clogged gutters look innocent enough, but blockages can cause rainwater to overflow under the eaves into the roof cavity. Be sure to clean your gutters, drains and downpipes. We all put off clearing dead leaf and twig build up, but add it to your to-do-list and get it done before the storms come. If you’re not totally confident, don’t hesistate to draft a professional cleaner into your storm safety mission.

Remove tree branches close to your home

Tree branches provide atmospheric shade on any normal day, but come storm season, they turn into safety hazards. Heavy rain and wind can send branches crashing onto your home, so trim and prune those trees. If you don’t have green fingers, get a gardener to lend you theirs.

Secure loose items around your property

Small decorative items look pretty sitting in your backyard most of the year, but they can become missiles during storm season. Bring them indoors or strap them down. This way you won’t lose an eye to a flying garden gnome, and your favourite trinkets won’t blow away.

Learn how to safely turn off your power, water and gas

Before the storms hit, teach yourself how to quickly turn off the power, water and gas in your home. This way, you’ll be able to prevent a short-circuit in the event of lightning.

Get a professional builder to assess the structural integrity of your house

During storm season, your home is your fort—and you want to be sure it’s sturdy and secure enough to defend itself from the chaos outside. Getting your home storm-ready involves maintaining the integrity of its roof. Hire a professional builder to fix any damage, such as broken or missing tiles.

Keep your phone charged and ready

Always make sure your phone is fully charged and accessible. You’ll need a way to contact help easily in an emergency. Remember to use it sparingly during an actual storm—even if all those potential Instastories are calling out to you.

Prepare an emergency kit

Start building an accessible storm emergency kit. You’ll need:

  • a torch with spare batteries,
  • important documents,
  • a battery-powered radio,
  • extra clothes,
  • a first aid kit.

Print your storm plan to ensure your emergency kit is up to date! Store it in an easy-to-reach spot and feel proud of your storm season readiness!

Monitor weather alerts

During storm season, monitor weather warnings and take advice from authorities like the SES and your local CFA. They’ll provide clarity when you need well-informed advice on your next move.

Go off on your merry prepping way. But always remember that no matter how well-prepared you are, you can never be fully certain of what nature has in store. Rest easy by covering your home today! If you’re affected by storm season, claiming with AAMI is simple. Just download the AAMI App to claim in-app. Upload photos of the damage, fill in personal details, and get updates on the progress of your claim.

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