What’s covered by
AAMI Commercial Motor Insurance

The following types of vehicles

  • Cars, including utes and 4WDs.
  • Industrial vehicles like bobcats, mini loaders, forklifts and ride-on mowers.
  • Trailers, including pet grooming trailers and towed woodchippers.
  • Trucks with a carrying capacity of up to 5 tonnes.

Coverage is not available for some vehicle types. Please contact us for more information.

Choose from 3 levels of cover

Optional Covers for Comprehensive Policies

This is just a summary – limits and exclusions apply. For more info please refer to the PDS or get in touch on 13 22 44.

New vehicle after total loss

This cover applies when:

  • your vehicle is insured for Comprehensive Cover and isn’t insured for agreed value
  • your vehicle is a motorcycle, car, 4WD utility or van of not more than 2 tonne carrying capacity, trailer or rigid body truck, and
  • your vehicle is a total loss because of the event.

We’ll replace your vehicle with a new replacement vehicle, provided that:

  • a replacement vehicle must be available;
  • you’re  the first registered owner or you purchased the vehicle as an ex demo from a licensed motor dealer who was the first registered owner;
  • the total loss occurred less than two years from the date of original registration of your vehicle; and
  • anyone who financed your vehicle provides us with written consent.*

Exclusions and limitations apply. Please read the PDS for more info.

What is Commercial Motor Insurance?

Vehicles are a key asset for a wide range of businesses. A tradie might rely on a ute, a mobile dog groomer on a specialised van, a fast food business on a food truck — just to name a few examples. AAMI Commercial Motor Insurance can help businesses stay on the road by offering cover for those vehicles  - limits and exclusions apply, please read the PDS for more information.

How do I get Commercial Motor Insurance?

If you’d like to take out a standalone Commercial Motor Insurance policy, give us a call on 13 22 44.

If you’d like to take out a Business Insurance policy that includes Commercial Motor Insurance among other coverage types, you can get a quick quote online.

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