Optional Cover

Hire Car For Unlimited Days

The convenience of a hire car – similar make and model to yours - until you get your car back or it’s confirmed written off.

Available as an Optional Cover on our Comprehensive Car Insurance policy

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Optional Covers for AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance


Add as an Optional Cover with your AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance. Enjoy the convenience of a hire car when your car’s out of action following an incident, even if it’s your fault. We’ll cover reasonable hire costs until your claim is settled or your car is returned to you.

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  • Hire car for unlimited days

  • Similar make or model to your car

    Up to $90 per day

  • Until you get your car back

  • Or your car is written off

Please note: Learner drivers are not covered under the Hire Car option.

This is just a summary. For full details about what is and isn't covered, check the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) It's dry, we know, but it's essential reading.

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How to get AAMI Hire Car


Select the AAMI Hire Car Optional Cover when you get an AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance quote. AAMI Hire Car will automatically be added to your quote when applying.

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Call us on 13 22 44 to add Hire Car to your AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.

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