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Windscreen and Window Glass Cover

Available as an Optional Cover on our Comprehensive Car Insurance policy

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Optional Cover for

AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance


This Optional Cover means you'll pay no excess on one claim per year for repairs or replacement of your windscreen, window glass or sunroof when damaged by an incident covered by your policy.​

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  • No excess on one claim per year

  • 24 hour unlimited roadside callouts

  • Quick repairs

    Once lodged, a repairer will call you to arrange a time and place to fix it.

  • Also applies to sunroof

This is just a summary. For full details about what is and isn't covered, check the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) It's dry, we know, but it's essential reading.

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How to get AAMI Windscreen and Window Glass Cover


Select the AAMI Windscreen and Window Glass Optional Cover when you get an AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance quote. AAMI Windscreen and Window Glass cover will automatically be added to your quote when applying.

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Call us on 13 22 44 to add Windscreen Cover to your AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.

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What if...

"I don't get this cover and something happens to my windscreen"

If you don't have the optional Windscreen and window glass cover on your Comprehensive Car Insurance, you can still claim but your normal excess will apply.

"I already claimed this year"

Similarly, if you do have the cover, but you've already claimed once this insurance period, you can claim again if you pay your normal excess.

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