Public Liability

Provides cover for your legal liability in case a third party sues your business and you are found negligent

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Why is Public Liability insurance important?

Public Liability insurance is your protection if you are found to be legally responsible for personal injury to a third party or damage to their property.

It is one of the most important covers you can get, that’s why liability cover comes as standard with all our business insurance packages.

If your business is found liable

Public Liability can cover the cost of:

Damage to property belonging to a third party

Injury to a third party

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What level of cover do you need?

Often there is a minimum amount of cover required as part of a contract you may have with a business supplier. In other cases there is no recommended amount, as there is no way to predict the costs for which your business may be liable.

Our most common level of cover is $5 million, however all businesses are different. The level of cover is not related to the size of your business - it's about the amount of damage or injury your business could be found liable for.

We offer 3 levels of public liability cover


51% of customers 
chose this


35% of customers 
chose this


14% of customers 
chose this

Other covers that might suit your business

Public Liability is included in all of our business packages and you can easily add covers to suit your needs

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Some of our most popular options

  • Portable and valuable items

    Items that you carry around with you, for example tools or portable technology, in the course of your business anywhere in the world.

    Learn more about Portable & Valuables cover

  • Money

    Loss of or damage to your business’s money from causes such as theft, armed hold-up or fire. This may include money in transit or at your premises.

    Learn more about Money cover

  • Commercial Vehicles

    You can choose between two different types of cover for each vehicle you insure:

    Comprehensive covers accidental damage to your vehicle and legal liability cover

    Legal Liability covers damage to third party property only

    Call 13 22 44 for a Commercial Vehicle quote.

    Learn more about Commercial Vehicle cover

This is a summary only, so check the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording for full details of what is and isn’t covered. It’s dry we know, but it’s essential reading.

Market Stall

Cover your setup and goods

Cover for your legal liability in relation to your market stall or trade exhibit setup and products

Do you only want cover at market stalls and trade fairs? We have liability policies designed specifically for markets.

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Customer stories

Customer Story

Jessica the Florist

Jessica owns a flower shop located on the main road through her suburb. Unfortunately a large gust of wind picked up one of her signs outside of her storefront and landed it on top of a vehicle.

Luckily Jessica was insured with AAMI as she was found to be negligent because she did not secure the sign correctly. Damages of $2,305 were paid to repair the vehicle.

Customer Story

Jake the Café owner

Jake owns a new café in the city. It’s a busy morning. The cafe is filled with happy people and everyone is having a good time, but when a damaged bar stool breaks, a patron is left with broken bones from falling on the hard floor.

Jake’s business is found liable for their medical costs, which exceed $17,000. Luckily Jake was insured with AAMI.

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