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How much should I be paying for car insurance?

Car insurance premiums vary based on things like where you live, the car you drive, and which product you choose. So, there’s no specific dollar figure to aim for. However, understanding what your policy covers and what you have control over can help you ensure your premium is right for you.

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AAMI's online tools are not available, or not fully available, for all AAMI branded products, policy types or claim types. See AAMI's Online Terms for further information.

For full details of the covers, limitations, exclusions and conditions contained within AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance and AAMI Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance please read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.

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Amount covered

Your car's "amount covered" is the maximum amount we'll pay for loss or damage in the event of a successful claim.

Comprehensive Car policies holders can select an amount covered, within a certain range, and choosing a lower amount usually lowers your premium.

Third Party Fire and Theft Car policies holders can select from two coverage amounts, $5,000 or $10,000, and choosing a lower amount usually lowers your premium.

Of course, it'll also mean you may not receive enough to replace your car with the same model and condition if yours is written off or stolen, so you may have to settle for something else or pay extra out of your own pocket. Whether that trade-off makes sense is up to you. As your car ages, its replacement value may drop. Consulting a few car sales sites for an estimate and updating your amount covered accordingly may save you a few bucks on your premium.

Kilometres driven

When you took out your policy, you would've given us an estimate of how much you drive your car in a year, and that figure informs your premium price. Usually, a higher estimate results in a higher premium, since your'e at greater risk of an incident. If you find yourself driving a lot less then you estimated, maybe because you're working from home or walking to the shops rather than driving, you can log in and adjust this figure. Doing so may reduce your premium a little.

Listed drivers

Anyone who's going to drive your car on a regular basis should be listed on your policy. This includes anyone who is likely to drive your car more than once throughout your policy period except learner drivers, who don't need to be listed. This can, depending on the driver, affect your premium price. If a listed driver no longer uses your car regularly – for example, if you listed your child because they used to borrow your car but they've since gotten their own – remove them from your policy. Having other drivers listed unnecessarily may mean you're paying more than you need to.

Your address

If you've moved, make sure your address is updated on your policy. Your location can affect your premium, based on that location's level of risk, so your address being updated can result in your payments being adjusted. Fair warning; that adjustment can reduce your premium, or it may result in an increase. Either way, you'll ensure you're not at risk of having a claim denied or reduced due to incorrect address details.

Eligible policies

Eligible policies include Comprehensive Car Insurance.

Your excess

With AAMI Flexi-Premiums®, you can choose to lower your premium by increasing your excess This'll mean that, while your monthly or yearly premium is cheaper, you'll face more out-of-pocket costs if you make a claim where you're liable to pay an excess. Whether that trade-off is worth it is totally up to you, but it's worth considering.