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AAMI Health Insurance Premium Hospital

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What’s included with Premium Hospital?

Premium Hospital cover is our most comprehensive hospital product to help you meet the cost of a wide range of healthcare services including pregnancy and assisted reproductive services. Designed for those wanting the ultimate peace of mind and those planning to have children.

As our top level of hospital cover, every Medicare recognised in-hospital service is included and you can set your own excess by choosing either $250 or $500.

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This is just a summary. For full details about what is and isn't covered, read the Policy Booklet. It's dry, we know, but it's essential reading.

You're covered for these procedures with AAMI Health Insurance Premium Hospital

Excess: $250 or $500

Cancer treatment in hospital: It is important to be aware that health insurance will only cover the portion of costs that relate to an admission to hospital. Specialist fees outside of hospital or other outpatient fees in relation to chemotherapy or radiotherapy aren’t covered.

High cost drugs are sometimes requested for the Treatment of some cancers. Typically high-cost drugs are for newer Treatments that are not recognised by the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) because the PBS considers them to be still under clinical trial and therefore experimental Treatments. Health insurance will not Cover high cost drugs for the same reasons (or may only Cover a small portion of the cost). It is the responsibility of the treating doctor, and Hospital, to inform Patients about the potential for large out-of-pockets as a result of high cost drugs.

Procedures you're covered for with a Benefit Limitation Period

Benefit Limitation Period - Minimum Benefits Payable (BLP - MBP) means that unless you're transferring from a Complying Health Insurance Product (see Policy Booklet), there will be significant out-of-pocket costs if you go to hospital for this treatment in the first 12 months of your policy. After serving the 2 month Waiting Period, your benefit will be limited to "Minimum Benefits Payable" for the following 10 months. After this period of time you are entitled to the full benefit claimable for the treatment

Minimum Benefits Payable (MBP) means that we will pay the minimum amount of benefits that we are required to pay under the Private Health Insurance Act, to or on behalf of a customer for hospital treatment under a Hospital cover. If you’re attending a Private Hospital for these services, there will be significant out-of-pocket costs. If a treatment important to you is listed as MBP, we recommend you consider a higher level of cover

Procedures you’re not covered for with AAMI Health Insurance Premium Hospital

Cosmetic Surgery

Procedures not covered by Medicare

If you need cover for a different range of procedures, use our Hospital Cover Comparison to find the right product for you.