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Health insurance for students

Go for A+ Health cover with AAMI Health Insurance

AAMI Health Insurance offers you the choice of different levels of Hospital and Extras cover so that you can pick the options that suit you best.

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Just after something simple?

Check out AAMI Health Insurance Basic Hospital Plus Cover. It’s a basic level of hospital cover that keeps things simple and affordable. It covers the basic services you might need treatment for in hospital with an excess payable for any claim. Plus it offers unlimited emergency ambulance transport to hospital when you need it*.

More about Basic Hospital Plus

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  • Affordable and simple

  • Avoid public hospital waiting lists for services covered by your policy

  • Access insured basic hospital services

Want more coverage?

This is just a summary. For full details about what is and isn't covered, check the Policy Booklet. It's dry, we know, but it's essential reading.

The perks of living at home...

Are you under 31 years old and a full-time student thinking about health insurance? If so, we have some news that might prove to be a nice surprise: there’s a good chance you could be covered under your parents’ health insurance policy as a ‘student dependant’.

Money can be tight when you’re committed to your studies, which is why many insurers ease the headache of health insurance for students where possible, by letting them be included as a part of their family policy while they complete their studies, up to the age of 31.

How do you know if you're considered a Student Dependant?

  • You're aged between 21 and 31
  • You're not married and you don’t live with your partner
  • You're currently a full-time student
  • You've been added to your parent's policy

All sorted? Now it’s time to get familiar with the health cover policy your family has. If your family is already with AAMI Health Insurance, you can get to know the different levels of hospital and extras cover so that you know what you’re covered for.


You’re studying, which means you’ve got plenty on your plate. But with AAMI Health Insurance making it so simple to claim and easy to talk to a health insurance specialist when you need, you’ve got one less thing to study (or procrastinate) on…

  • A Simple Start

    If you’re starting a new health insurance policy from scratch, you can choose from a range of simple and affordable levels of cover, like AAMI Health Insurance Basic Hospital Plus.

  • Family perks

    If your parents have health cover with AAMI Health Insurance, provided you satisfy the eligibility criteria, you can be added as a Student Dependant, which means that between the ages of 21-31 you can enjoy the same health cover benefits that they do.

  • Optical

    When you’re buried in textbooks and staring at lecture screens, your eyesight can cause headaches — literally. With AAMI Starter Boost Extras, you're covered for optical and more.

*Annual limits and waiting periods apply.