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Third Party Motorcycle Insurance

Covers you for damage to other people's vehicles and property, plus damage caused to your motorcycle by uninsured drivers. With option to include fire and theft cover.


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What's included in Third Party Motorcycle Insurance?


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Third Party Property Damage Motorcycle Insurance can help to cover costs for which you’re liable if you damage someone else’s vehicle or property while you’re out riding. It can also offer up to $5,000 cover for damage caused to your motorcycle by uninsured drivers, and cover for fire and theft is available as an optional extra.

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Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

  • Damage to other people’s vehicles and property

    We’ve got you covered for up to $20 million if your motorcycle damages someone else’s vehicle or property.

  • Damage by uninsured drivers

    You’re also covered for up to $5,000 for damage to your motorcycle by an uninsured driver at fault.

This is just a summary. For full details about what is and isn't covered, check the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) . It's dry, we know, but it's essential reading.

AAMI Third Party Damage Motorcycle Insurance


Upgrade your policy with this optional extra to ensure your motorcycle covered against loss or damage caused by fire, theft or attempted theft.

Policy document downloads
Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

  • Damage by fire

    If your motorcycle is a total loss or damaged by fire, we cover repairs or the or damaged by fire, we’ll cover the cost of repairs for up to your Amount Covered.

  • Bike Theft

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Smart ways to lower your premium

No Claim Bonus

Get a No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount off your premium as a reward for your good claims history! On each renewal, your discount will increase (until you reach the maximum level) if you haven’t made any claims that affect your NCB.

Choose your ‘Amount Covered’

You can choose the amount you want to cover your motorcycle for, within a range we provide, so you’re in control of the cover you need.

Pay annually

Pay it in one go! You can save with us by choosing to pay your policy annually, since paying in monthly instalments costs a bit more.

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Hire car for up to 21 days

If your motorcycle is stolen, we’ll keep you on the road with a hire car until your motorcycle  is returned undamaged, or repaired, to a maximum of 21 days.

Riding Apparel Cover

We offer up to $1,000 cover for riding apparel gearstolen from a secured storage compartment on your motorcycle or damged in an insured incident covered by your policy.

Up to $500 for personal items

In addition to your ridingapparel, we pay up to $500 for other items (e.g. clothing, electronic equipment and telecommunication devices)that are in a secured compartment in your motorcycle when your motorcycle has been stolen or damaged in an insured incident, and we have agreed to accept your claim. (Exceptions apply such as cash and tools.)

Pay out if your motorcycle is stolen and isn't recovered

If your motorcycle is not recovered after14 days of us approving your claim, we pay you the Amount Covered.

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