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AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist – Terms and Conditions

On the road, driving hazards and motoring problems can happen. AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist is a dedicated roadside assistance service for your car and is provided by AAMI’s supplier, Digicall Assist Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s largest premium roadside assistance providers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist is available to any medical practitioners, nurses, hospital staff, paramedics, fire fighters, SES staff/volunteers, police officers and COVID-19 testing & vaccination workers in Australia.

AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist will be valid until 31 December 2021.

Need assistance? AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist is here to help

Call AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist on 1800 7447 275 and have your driver licence details, car’s registration number and your best contact phone number handy. We will ask you to briefly provide details of your employment to confirm your eligibility for AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist. We’ll also ask you where your car is and what’s happened to it.

Safety first

If your car has broken down in a hazardous location, please tell us when you call us, and ensure you aren’t exposed to danger from passing traffic.

Stay with your car

Once you’ve called us, it’s vital that you remain with your car. If our provider arrives at the scene of the breakdown and your car is unattended, we will be unable to carry out any work and payment may be required for any subsequent callouts for the same incident. If you must leave your car for safety reasons, please tell us when you call.

AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist benefits and conditions

Roadside Assistance

Where we can and it is safe to do so we will arrange for the rectification of the most common breakdown related problems, including inflation of a flat tyre, replacement of a flat tyre with your car’s serviceable spare and jump-starting of a flat battery. Where appropriate, we may provide you with practical tips or advice, on a reasonable endeavours basis, in relation to simple car operation, any safety warnings or lights that may appear or practical information about your car. However, if major parts or factory diagnostic equipment is required, your car will be transported to an accredited repairer. The cost of repairs, including labour and any required parts, will then be your responsibility.

Flat batteries

If your car’s battery is flat, we will jump start it or, subject to availability, arrange a replacement battery if required. Whilst we do not cover the cost of the replacement battery, we can arrange for one to be supplied as part of our service.

Emergency fuel

If your car runs out of fuel, we will arrange for the delivery of enough fuel to allow you to reach the nearest petrol station. If you drive an LPG fuelled car, we will tow your car to the nearest petrol station or nearest place of safety. The fuel delivery is free. The maximum value of fuel provided is $10.

Flat tyres

If you have a flat tyre, we will change it with your car’s serviceable spare wheel or transport your car to an approved tyre outlet or nearest place of safety (see Towing). Should additional services be required, these services will be your responsibility.


If the car cannot be mobilized, other than if it runs out of fuel, on the roadside, we will tow the vehicle free of charge to an accredited repairer up to 20kms from the breakdown location. If there is no accredited repairer within 20kms we will tow the vehicle to the nearest accredited repairer up to 50kms from the breakdown. Please note that all additional towing costs and any repair costs (not described in ‘Roadside Assistance’ above) are your responsibility and are payable at the time of the service.

Lost or locked keys

Where your car’s key has been lost (but not stolen), or has been locked inside your car, we will arrange for the spare key to be delivered or arrange to gain access to your car. The most we will pay for this service is $250.

In the event you insist that your car be broken into, to recover keys locked inside it or for any other reason, we will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any resultant loss or damage that occurs to your car. This break-in service may not be offered by each of our providers. This service excludes key cutting or replacement services.

What AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist doesn’t cover

We do not cover cars that are:

  • unregistered, or not in a roadworthy or well-maintained condition
  • unattended unless organised at the time of arranging our assistance
  • over 3.5 tonne GVM
  • involved in any way in any form of racing or motor sports
  • modified, large or heavy enough to require a specialist or heavy haulage towing provider
  • operating as taxis, limousines, rental or hire cars
  • immobile in a workshop while being repaired or undergoing mechanical or electrical repairs at your premises
  • located in a restricted access area except where we can enter the premises and you are willing to cover any associated costs
  • located in an area that a two-wheel drive recovery car cannot access by permanent road within, or from, mainland Australia or Tasmania.

We do not cover service calls that are the result of:

  • accident damage, break in or attempted break in of your car
  • failure to use reasonable care, e.g. repeatedly/ intentionally running out of fuel
  • failure to carry out regular preventative car maintenance
  • inappropriate or inadequate maintenance or repair, whether intentional, negligent or
  • otherwise, e.g. not replacing a failing battery
  • incorrect fuel or contaminated fuel added to the fuel tank
  • car owner or driver related faults including faults which existed prior to the commencement of AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist
  • not following the instructions of your car’s manufacturer, repairer, AAMI or us
  • inappropriate or incorrect fitting of parts or accessories
  • breakdowns that arise from any attached caravan or trailer or their couplings.

We won’t provide our service when:

  • there are inadequate resources in the area where your car has broken down, for example where there are no tow trucks or repairers available
  • circumstances are beyond our control, such as extraordinary delays caused by extreme weather conditions, a severe accident or traffic congestion
  • unexpected or disruptive events such as war, strikes, storms or other such unexpected events occur that prevent us from assisting you.

Your responsibility for costs:

You are responsible for all costs of parts, labour and any other associated costs relating to the management and repair of your car after a breakdown.

Except for any rights to which you are entitled by law, we will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage that arises from providing or failing to provide any of our benefits or services, whether arising from negligence or otherwise. We assume no responsibility for any advice or assistance given by an independent service provider for the services provided to you under this AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist benefit.


The following words have these meanings throughout this document.

Accident: your car is damaged by impact or collision or malicious act of any nature, or attempted or actual theft or break-in.

Accredited repairer: a motor vehicle dealer or repairer that is accredited to perform repairs to mobilise the vehicle after a breakdown.

Breakdown: a failure of your car occurring within the benefit period which has caused it to be immobilised or become un-roadworthy or unsafe to drive in transit, due to mechanical or electrical fault.

This can also be a flat tyre, flat battery, or circumstances where your car has run out of fuel or its key has been locked inside it or has been lost (but not stolen).

Car: the car to which your AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist cover applies.

Restricted access area: an area that is protected by security and/or other systems designed to prevent access to unauthorised people or vehicles, and includes areas which we do not have permission to enter (for example airports, sporting venues, protest or concert sites, or certain business premises).

We, Us, Our: Digicall Assist Pty Ltd.

You, Your: the person we have agreed to cover.

Transfer of your AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist benefit: This benefit is not transferable.

Important information

These terms and conditions are dated 20 August 2021. AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 trading as AAMI makes this offer. AAMI Temporary Roadside Assist is provided by AAMI’s supplier, Digicall Assist Pty Ltd.