Insuring a home

How to compare policies to get the right coverage to suit your needs

Learn how to compare home insurance policies and get the right coverage for your needs and budget. Find out why comparison sites may not always work and how you can do your own research.

How to be savvy with your insurance

Does cheaper mean better? Learn how you can be savvy with your home insurance by considering value not just price.

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Insuring a car

Car insurance claims: Should you lodge a claim?

Unsure if you should lodge a car insurance claim? We walk you through six scenarios to help you decide.

Does your car insurance cover theft of personal items?

There’s nothing worse than coming back from the restaurant to find your car window is broken! But what about your laptop that was sitting in the back? Find out what personal belongings your car insurance covers.

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Insuring a business

Running a business from home: What is and isn’t covered by insurance?

Running a home business has its perks: it’s quiet, flexible and you can roll up in your PJs. But how do you know which insurance cover is best for you?

Why does a hospitality business need liability insurance?

If you’re in hospitality, public interaction is at the core of what you do. The right insurance gives you the confidence to know you’ll have enough funds to get back to business if something goes wrong.

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