About AAMI

Actions speak louder than words — that’s why we’re proud to be the doers of insurance.

Lucky you're with AAMI

If something unexpected happens, we’ll do everything in our power to make your life easier. Everything that can be done is what AAMI does.

Doing more

No one knows what’s going to happen, or when. It’s our job to deal with that so that you can get on with daily life.

We’ll be here when you need us. We’ll ease the burden if you ever need to claim. We’ll eliminate the stress and help you every step of the way. We’ll go the extra mile, and we may even make you smile.

We do easy claims

Simple claim lodgement

Make a claim for policies supported within the AAMI App.

The time when you really need our experience and understanding is when calamity strikes. A storm has damaged your home. Burglars have broken in. Someone’s run into the back of your car. We know these are traumatic times, and it's difficult to know what to do in an unfamiliar situation. So we’ll be here. Find out about our claims process.

And now it’s easier than ever, with simple claim lodgement via the AAMI App.

Listening is what we do

Even with satisfied customers, there’s always room for improvement. You tell us what great insurance is - and we work really hard to do it. It’s a team effort that’s been working for years!

You said you wanted a quicker response after wild weather. So we do that. You told us you wanted to trust the repairs authorised by us, so we offer a lifetime repair guarantee.

In fact, you’ve told us many things over the years, and in return we’ve pioneered services that have changed the face of the Australian insurance industry.

Approved repairs guaranteed for life

Doing our bit for the community

Giving back and being part of the community


  • Victoria SES Partnership since 2002


  • AAMI Park, Melbourne since 2010
  • AFL since 2018
  • AFL Women’s since 2020

More about our community support

Making our roads safer

As one of Australia’s largest national car insurers, we see a lot of accidents. So we know a thing or two about them. In fact, we’ve helped get people back on the road after literally millions of accidents, as well as helped drivers build safer habits with our Skilled Drivers program. From scrapes and dings to fender benders, embarrassing reversing errors to the more serious accidents. We’ve seen them all. That’s why we put safety at the centre of everything we do.

Being awarded for serving you

If you don’t mind that we brag a bit! From customer service to technology and road safety, we’re regularly recognised for what we do, both for our customers and community.

Lucky you're with AAMI!

Did you know?

Things you should know

Products and services including banking and insurance (including life insurance, home and car insurance) are provided by separate companies in the Suncorp Network.

Banking products are issued by Suncorp-Metway Ltd ABN 66 010 831 722 (Suncorp Bank). Suncorp Bank is only liable for the banking products or services it provides and not the products and services of the other companies in the Suncorp Group.

Simple claim lodgement

Make a claim for policies supported within the AAMI App.

AAMI Events and Experiences eligibility

Customers with the following AAMI policies are eligible to access AAMI Events and Experiences via My Account or the AAMI App:

  • Any Car and Vehicle policies
  • Home and/or Contents, including Landlord and Strata
  • Life
  • Income Protection
  • Health (only via My Account)
  • Travel (only via the AAMI App)