What is Business At Home Insurance?

Home and Contents insurance can cover your home, its contents, or both if they need repairing or replacing after an insured event - but if you run a small business from home, a standard home policy can leave your business assets without cover. Luckily, AAMI Business Insurance can help! An AAMI Business At Home policy can combine cover for your home and business into one convenient policy.


When you might need
Business At Home Insurance

If you run a business

  • From a property you own and live in, or
  • From a property you rent and live in.

And face scenarios like this

  • Third parties, like customers, couriers and suppliers, visit your home.
  • You keep retail stock at home.
  • You complete manufacturing/repair work at home.
  • You have business-related items, such as hairdressing, printing or baking equipment, at home.
  • You sell or provide goods to customers.

This is just a a few examples. For more info, check out the policy documents, or get in touch on 13 22 44.

How Business At Home can help businesses like yours

A home insurance policy alone isn’t designed to cover risks associated with running a business from home — so a Business At Home policy lets you add coverage types.

These are a few examples of coverage types, but every business is unique. Our consultants can help you discuss coverage options that might be appropriate for your business.

Can Business At Home cover renters?

An AAMI Business At Home policy can be adjusted to suit your business and your living situation. So, if you operate your business from a property you own and live in, you can cover both the building and your contents, in addition to your business activities — but if you’re a renter, you can just cover your business and your home’s contents. Your premium will reflect the type and extent of coverage you take out.

If you’re renting, you should seek approval from your landlord or property manager before you kick off any business activities at home.

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Every business is different

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