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Market Stall Insurance

Public Liability insurance for market stalls and trade exhibitors

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What is AAMI Market Stall Insurance?

If you sell fresh produce, arts and crafts, or food and beverages at your local market, having AAMI Market Stall Insurance can help protect you if your stall, or the things you sell, injure someone or damage someone’s property.

AAMI offers 2 options of insurance for Market Stalls: Public Liability Insurance and Public and Products Liability Insurance.

Public and Products Liability Insurance has been developed as a single product to cover the unique insurance needs of the market stall holder. It combines the benefits of both Public and Products Liability cover.

Public Liability Insurance provides cover for the cost of damages and legal representation if your stall or exhibit injures someone else or damages their property. On the other hand, Products Liability Insurance provides cover if the products you sell cause property damage or injury to someone else, like one of your customers. 

AAMI Market Stall Insurance Products

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Public & Products Liability


Public Liability

Product Liability

Covers your stall setup & goods

Products liability insurance covers your liability for damage to property or injury of a third party as a result of the products you sell at your stall. Some products are excluded, as noted on page 2 of the Policy Endorsement.

If the products you sell at your stall are found to be responsible for property damage or injury to someone else, for example a customer, products liability insurance can provide cover.

Public Liability


Public Liability

Covers your stall setup

If your stall or exhibit is found to be responsible for injuring someone else or damaging their property, public liability insurance provides cover for the cost of damages and legal representation.

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AAMI Market Stall Customer Stories

Fiona the food vendor

Fiona sells fresh juice at the markets and had a seat and table with an umbrella for customers. The table wasn’t weighted correctly and the umbrella tipped and knocked a customer in the head.

As we agreed that Fiona did not set up the umbrella correctly the customer's medical expenses were covered under Fiona's Market Stall Insurance.

Cassie the baker

Cassie has a market stall selling nut-free cakes. A customer with a nut allergy purchased a chocolate cake and experienced an allergic reaction when she ate it.

It was found that the cake contained almond meal even though Cassie had stated the cake was “nut-free”. The customer’s medical expenses were covered under Cassie’s Market Stall Insurance with Products Liability.

This is a summary only, so check the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Endorsement for full details of what is and isn’t covered. It’s dry we know, but it’s essential reading.

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