4 things that may cost a lot without Home and Contents Insurance


Unexpected incidents can lead to unwelcome damage bills – but insurance can help if it’s an incident your policy covers!

Here are a few things you may not have thought about – but that, if not properly insured, could really hurt your hip pocket.

Glass sliding doors

Glass sliding doors can be a beautiful addition to your home – they let in plenty of natural light and can provide a connection to the world outside. However, accidents can happen and glass doors are not immune.

Repairing or replacing a shattered glass door can be expensive– sometimes thousands-of-dollars expensive. They’re generally damaged due to impact – like, say, a stray footy – which can cause massive cracks or even completely break through.

With AAMI, cover for accidental breakage of glass is automatically included in our Building Insurance policies. This means we’ll help cover the reasonable and necessary costs of repairing or replacing fitted glass in windows, skylights and doors. We also offer optional Excess-Free Glass cover which you can add to your policy, allowing you to make a claim for repairs or replacement of accidentally broken fixed glass in your home without having to pay an excess. Read the PDS for more details.

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Burst pipes can cause massive water damage to the surrounding areas. In kitchens, this can mean whole sections of cabinetry being waterlogged and warped beyond repair. Repairing or replacing water-damaged cabinetry can burn a hole in your pocket, as the costs of new materials and installation can quickly add up. In some circumstances, the damage can get so extensive that the countertops can’t be saved either – which means they’ll need replacing as well, adding even more costs.

The good news is that AAMI Building Insurance provides cover for damage to your home caused by escape of liquid. That’s so long as the damage wasn’t due to a gradual process of leaking or wear, tear or gradual deterioration, like a worn or rusted pipe or flexi-hose. You should consider inspecting your fittings regularly!

Food and medication spoilage

Imagine coming home to a power outage that’s lasted for hours. The result? Spoiled food, and (in some cases) unusable medication. Food prices are going up, which means the thought of having to replace a fully-stocked fridge and freezer can be pretty daunting.

Luckily, AAMI has your back with this one too. If you have AAMI Contents Insurance, we’ll pay up to $400 for any one incident, and if you make a claim under this additional cover, no excess applies.

We’ll help cover this so long the spoilage is caused by:

  • an insured event
  • the sudden escape of refrigerant fumes
  • electrical or electronic breakdown, failure or malfunction, or
  • the public electricity supply failing to reach the insured address.

Refer to the PDS for details.

Legal liability costs

Here’s one that you may not have thought about much. Accidents can happen, even when you’re away from home, and legal liability costs can quickly spiral out of control – in extreme cases, into the millions-of-dollars level.

You get the gist by now – with AAMI Home and Contents Insurance, you may not have to worry. If your accident is covered by the policy, we’ll cover your legal liability to pay compensation for death or injury to others, or loss or damage to their property (up to $20 million).

This can stretch beyond your insured address, too. If you have AAMI Contents Insurance, we’ll provide legal liability cover anywhere in Australia or New Zealand for an incident.

For example, let’s say you have a son who loves riding his bike. Unfortunately, he’s not quite got a handle on it yet and he accidentally rides into a parked car, causing a dent and paint damage. AAMI Contents Insurance can help cover your son’s legal liability to pay for the cost of repairs to the damaged car! You will have to pay an applicable excess, but that may be more tolerable than fronting the whole cost yourself.

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