How long after an accident should I lodge a car insurance claim?


We understand life can get busy. There’s nothing like getting into a bingle in a carpark the day before you head off on holiday for two weeks. So, is there a time limit for making a claim on your car insurance policy? 

Is there a time limit for making a claim on your car insurance policy?

While there may not be a time limit for making a claim on your car insurance policy according to the policy terms, we recommend not waiting any longer than you have to. It’s important to gather all relevant details before you make a claim and we understand this can take some time. However, making a claim as soon as possible helps reduce the chance of any supporting documentation getting lost, and so can help ensure the success of your claim.

How delaying a claim may affect its progress

All claims made to us carry the same importance. However, the longer the delay the greater the chance for events that could affect the success of your claim. Some of these can include:

  • Changes to an at-fault driver’s circumstances and or contact details. This might include changes to their registration details, insurance details or even their contact details. This can impact our ability to contact them and process a claim.
  • Memories fade over time, and this can affect interested parties’ ability to recount key facts of an event and details listed in a claim.
  • Evidence for a claim can either be lost or be harder to collate the longer the delay, impacting the potential success of a claim. 

Letting us know about incidents

Beyond making a claim, you need to notify us of any regular additional drivers of your car if you have a policy with AAMI. We do cover you or anyone you authorise to drive your car, subject to the limits and exclusions of your policy. 

If you have a car insurance policy with us, always let us know about any incident that has caused damage to other people’s property. You must also tell us as soon as possible about any demands made on you to pay compensation to others and any court actions or offers of settlement and send these to us.

How to make a claim

We’re always working to make it easier for you to make a claim. For a complete guide, check out our article on preparing to make a claim.

To get started on a claim, have the details of the incident on hand:

  • the name, phone number and address of involved drivers,
  • registration details for involved vehicles, and
  • any images/video evidence of the incident/damage to your vehicle.

Then lodge a claim below. You can then head online to track the status of your claim, pay any required excess and manage repairs.  

Make a claim


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