Do I need CTP insurance for my motorcycle?


Whether you’re a Harley enthusiast, a farmer who takes their quad bikes along country roads, or just getting started as a learner, you’ll need to ensure your motorbike is registered and is covered by CTP Insurance (or Green Slip, as it’s known in NSW) before you ride on Australian roads. But there are different ways to get it depending on the state or territory you live in.

What is CTP? 

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) covers compensation payments for people injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident. It doesn’t cover the cost of damaged vehicles and property, or damage to — or loss of — your own vehicle.

Is CTP for motorcycles different from CTP for cars?

A ‘Vehicle Class’ will impact the price of your CTP Insurance. Motorbikes are their own class, as are motor cars, taxis, and goods vehicles. The engine capacity will also affect a Green Slip price, with larger engine capacities attracting a higher premium.

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CTP across different states

In Australia, all drivers must have CTP Insurance, but how you buy it depends on where you are.  

In Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory CTP is included in the price of your vehicle registration and you don’t have to select a provider.

For South Australian motorists, you can select your preferred CTP insurer when you renew your registration. Luckily, AAMI has your SA CTP needs covered.

In New South Wales, you must have CTP Insurance sorted before you can register your car. You can buy it directly from a licensed insurer. Get an AAMI Green Slip quote today! In Queensland CTP is a separate component, but is included in your rego payment.

In the ACT Motor Accidents Insurance (MAI) provides cover for treatment, care and lost income benefits to anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident regardless of who was at fault. MAI doesn’t cover damage to your vehicle or other vehicles, only injuries. When you register your motorcycle through Access Canberra, you can pick AAMI as your insurer when completing your registration with Access Canberra.

In Queensland, you can change your CTP insurer when you renew your registration. AAMI does not currently offer CTP Insurance in Queensland. However, AAMI is part of the Suncorp Network, which also includes Suncorp Insurance - Queensland's largest CTP insurer. 

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