How dash cams can affect your car insurance claim


Dash cams are pretty handy devices. In an insured event, like a car accident or theft, it could provide you and your insurer with irrefutable evidence of what occurred. However, remember that having a dashcam does not impact your car insurance premiums, but can help when making a claim.

And they’re becoming increasingly popular. A recent study1 suggests that 1 in 5 Australian drivers are using them to assist with potential insurance claims or to report dangerous driving.

What is a car dash cam?

Front and rear dash cams (short for—you guessed it!—dashboard cameras) are small recording devices that automatically turn on and off with your car. A dash cam will usually come with ample memory and record on a loop so that it’s ready in the event of an accident.

When installing a dash cam, you need to make sure it doesn’t compromise the view of the road ahead of or behind you. This is a legal requirement, and it’s worth checking out your state’s specific regulations as they can vary.

What’s more, if you’re affected by an incident that needs to be resolved in court, dash cam footage is admissible provided you’ve only been recording in public spaces (like roads!).

Choosing a dashboard camera

If you’re in the market for a car dash cam, it might be worth considering which features you’ll require. Some popular ones include:

  • a built-in display screen, to enable you to review footage on the camera itself, rather than on a computer
  • GPS for location stamping
  • impact detection, so the camera will start recording as soon as your car takes a bump (even while parked), and
  • night vision.

Dash cams start out from around $50 and can set you back as much as $600. Like any electronic device, cost can be an indicator of quality. For instance, the resolution might differ between cheaper and more expensive models, so it may be a good idea to understand how clear your clips need to be. If the image quality is poor, you won’t want to have to decipher a number plate at a distance!

Footage from a dash cam can support your car insurance claim

Dash cam footage can tell your insurer a lot about an incident and who’s at fault. Depending on the model, it may be able to indicate speed (both yours and the other driver’s), impact, the time of the incident and the weather conditions, to name a few.

At AAMI, we’re big fans of dash cam footage and we’ve found it can help our customers out of a tight spot. Take Julie* for example. A third party accused her of being at-fault in an accident after she merged into their lane, impacting their vehicle. Luckily, a witness six cars behind them had a dash cam that recorded the whole thing. It showed that the third party had actually reversed out of a driveway, impacting Julie’s car.

Need to sort out your car insurance? AAMI has options to cover you for damage to your car and property, as well as damage to someone else’s car and property, and much more!

How to submit dash cam footage with your car insurance claim

If you’re an AAMI customer, you can provide dash cam footage with your claim. Submit it by:

  • Sending an mp4 file (no larger than 15MB) to
  • Posting a USB drive to AAMI Insurance, GPO Box 2988, Brisbane Qld 4001.
  • Uploading your footage to YouTube as a private link. You can include this link with your claim if you’re using the AAMI App or submitting it online, or send it to us via email.

Need to make a claim?

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Why claim online?

  • claim 24/7, at your own time and pace
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  • book directly into a repairer (for eligible claims/policies)
  • manage photos or documents easily
  • track your claim online at any time

Remember to read your relevant policy’s Product Disclosure Statement before making a claim at AAMI Claims. It can help you understand what your policy covers.

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* Not the customer’s real name.

1 Allianz: The rise of the dash cam: New data reveals 1 in 5 Aussies are using dash cams on our roads

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