Paying your car insurance monthly vs annually 


AAMI allows you to pay your car insurance premiums annually, or by monthly instalments (if agreed to). But your ideal payment frequency may depend on your budget, lifestyle and long-term financial plans.

Paying your insurance monthly

Not everyone can afford to pay their premium in a lump sum when they take out a policy. Many people prefer to break their premium down into smaller, more manageable chunks, so they have more cash available for other essentials.

Paying your insurance annually

Did you know that you can save money by paying your AAMI car insurance premiums annually? Monthly instalments may give you flexibility, but you pay less overall when you pay in one annual lump sum. Obviously, this isn’t an option for everyone. But you may wish to think about whether annual payments would suit your budget and lifestyle.

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Some people also like to ‘’set and forget,’’ so they can feel like their insurance is out of the way for the rest of the year.

If this is your approach, just remember to review your policy to make sure it still suits your needs before accepting your renewal each year.

What other payment frequencies are available?

Currently, AAMI offers monthly and annual premium payments.

Can you change how often you pay at renewal?

Yes, you can! When your insurance is up for renewal, you can make changes to your policy online – including altering payment frequency – via your My Account (as long as your policy isn’t overdue).

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What about the frequency of policy renewals?

AAMI only offers 12-month policies. The start date for your insurance policy is the date you started your policy. So, if you started it on June 1st, your renewal date will typically be June 1st of the following year.

If you’re unsure when your renewal date is, check your policy via your My Account.

A bit on the forgetful side? Not to worry – AAMI sends out a renewal reminder via email before your renewal is due.

What payment methods can I use?

We offer several flexible ways for you to pay for your insurance, including:

  • online through your My Account (via your debit or credit card),
  • online through the AAMI App (via your debit or credit card),
  • BPAY.

You can also make payments over the phone and at your local Australia Post office.

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